Recommended Releases 23/03/2022

Continuing the series of posting albums and/or EPs as and when they are released (or usually a bit after!) as a follow up to the initial new tracks/singles posts posted on this blog. Sample the release via the You Tube track then dive in to the full release.

Sugar World – Lost and Found

Lost and Found, which can be pre-ordered from here, also features the previous singles We Fell In Love and Time To Kill. 1980s inspired indiepop.

Lost and Found is out now via Sunday Records or digitally from the band.


Mo Dotti – Guided Imagery

Fuzzy shoegaze like they made in the (g)olden days. Mo Dotti would had easily found a home on 4AD in the late 1980s, early 1990s.

Guided Imagery can be purchased from the band.


Keaper – Fade

Dreamy alt-rock from down under courtesy of Melbourne’s Keaper.

Fade can be purchased from here.


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