Mo Dotti – Blurring EP

Following on from a couple of preview tracks Los Angles based Mo Dotti have released their debut EP. Titled Blurring it features five tracks of ethereal shoegaze that sounds like it has come straight out of the 4AD back catalogue namely Lush and The Pale Saints. That’s not a bad starting point to be fair and the band’s shimmering shoegaze sound takes me back decades it has to be said. The voice of Gina Negrini is a delight and in my imagination, I can drift off high into the clouds whilst listening to this lovely, but sometimes, forlorn, EP. The … Continue reading Mo Dotti – Blurring EP

Mo Dotti – Gravity Well

I am not sure if I do a band a disservice when I compare them against bands from my youth especially, at given my age, it skips a generation! Obviously the pointers are there for me but I do wonder if some who read these pages know what I am going on about. Why do I mention this? Well it’s because on Gravity Well Los Angeles based Mo Dotti sound, right down to the vocals, so much like Lush it’s uncanny. Of course in my world that’s a good thing and if some say that is a lazy comparison then … Continue reading Mo Dotti – Gravity Well