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Records I Like Mix January 2021

So this mix sees off the last of 2020 and welcomes in 2021. Despite the ongoing lockdown, there is still plenty of music old and new to discover. Of course, this mix focuses on the new. There are plenty of enjoyable and wonderful new tracks out there and next months playlist is filling up already! But for now, press play and begin! Please use the … Continue reading Records I Like Mix January 2021

Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This week’s pack of three features three hot off the press singles that arrived in my inbox this morning. Axolotes Mexicanos – Que Te Pires A nice slice of punk-pop to kick us off. Que Te Pires is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album :3 that will be released later this year. Their label (Elefant Records) are not kidding when they … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

Fritz – Die Happily

Australian noise poppers Fritz will be releasing their second album next month. Titled Pastel it will be released via Inertia Music on February 12th 2021 and features the singles Arrow and the brilliant Jan 1. It’s being preceded by another single titled Die Happily which sees a slower, more melodic approach. However, the fuzziness of the previous singles still remains which puts the album in … Continue reading Fritz – Die Happily

Aiko El Grupo – Amigos Para Nunca (Confía Y Te La Lían)

Aiko El Grupo have raided their recent mini-album Va Totalmente en Serio​.​.​. and lifted their dazzling new single from it. Amigos Para Nunca (Confía Y Te La Lían) is another one of those shouty pop-punk tracks the band seem to deliver so well. And despite the video’s Battle Royale theme you cannot help but smile. The single is available digitally from Elefant Records whilst the … Continue reading Aiko El Grupo – Amigos Para Nunca (Confía Y Te La Lían)

True Faith – As Much Nothing As Possible

If I said to you describe what you think post-punk sounds like I bet pretty much that the description would be similar to the music True Faith have delivered on their debut (mini?) album As Much Nothing As Possible. Slow brooding bass riffs with a nod to Peter Hook supplemented by bursts of atmospheric synths complete with gloomy words and dark vocals. Er yeah, that … Continue reading True Faith – As Much Nothing As Possible

Sicayda – Sicayda

Canadian band Sicaya have just released their second EP. Self-titled it features four tracks including the lead single Deeper In. Prior to this EP, the band were at the noisier end of the shoegaze spectrum but the sound here is heavier taking in elements of grunge and alt-rock along the way. Sicayda’s music has always been distinctive thanks to the vocals of singer/guitarists Kevin Tipan … Continue reading Sicayda – Sicayda

Lazy Eye – Inconsistent Borderline

Palembang’s Lazy Eye impressed ears with last year’s Digital Primavera EP. They write on their Bandcamp page that they are “mostly influenced by 90’s music” but on Inconsistent Borderline those influences surely must come from a decade earlier given the vintage twee-pop sound contained within. The vocals of bass player Isabella Maulidya are certainly worth a listen whatever decade those influences come from. The Sound … Continue reading Lazy Eye – Inconsistent Borderline