Tokyo Tea Room – Always Tomorrow

On Always Tomorrow Tokyo Tea Room produce music that crosses dream pop, psychedelia and Balearic beats. Heavenly vocals mix it up with downtempo, sometimes dubby electronica whilst the translucent guitars do their thing. It’s almost spiritual in parts and the artwork, which reminds me of ambient cover sleeves from the early 1990s, adds to that feel. A tune as great as the band’s name! Facebook Continue reading Tokyo Tea Room – Always Tomorrow

Something For The Weekend? Three, Maybe Four, From Bruxelles

Continuing my recent exploration of music released in the past three months tagged as Brussels or Bruxelles on Bandcamp. Route 77 – Route 77 Post-punk yesterday and some punk today in the shape of this self titled effort from Route … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three, Maybe Four, From Bruxelles

Gars de Gouttiere – Tchou Tchou

The new effort from that Paris based Gars de Gouttiere may suggest that the band has a split personality. Petite Balade is a lovely, short indiepop song with jangling guitars and whispered vocals. However flip side Tchou Tchou Tchoin Tchoin is a full on dance track with those whispered vocals making a return.  The two distinct types of musical styles here may have some scratching their heads but personally I think it’s great that they offer two contrasting songs that, if you think about it, may not be too dissimilar after all. Facebook Continue reading Gars de Gouttiere – Tchou Tchou

Records I Like 2018 – The Capsule!

If the 55 tracks in the Best of 2018 mixes/playlists were not enough I have compiled a track each from most of the releases featured on Records I Like in 2018 in a handy Spotify playlist. If you use Deezer don’t worry as here is a link to an almost identical playlist on that service. Have a great new year and I will “see” you all in 2019! Continue reading Records I Like 2018 – The Capsule!

Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018

55 tracks in my best of this year. Were they the best tracks in 2018? For me yes as they gave me plenty of plays, thoughts, meaning and enjoyment. Looking at the 55 choices my tastes have certainly changed this year. I have listened to Techno a lot more this year. Almost as much since I started listening to it 25 years plus ago and I was amazed that artists from then are still making some amazing tunes. Coldwave influenced post-punk gets stronger or maybe it’s because I am listening to and discovering more. Epic Shoegaze has also featured highly … Continue reading Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018

State of the Nation – Burden

Burden is one of the standout tracks from the recent Mirage album by Sweden’s State of the Nation, a band who are influenced by the likes of The Pet Shop Boys and most certainly New Order. The original version if a straight up synth-pop number whilst the People Theatre “I Know” Mix makes it even more dance floor friendly for the indie kids. However it’s the The Real Dreamers Remix which gives it a club makeover turning it into a hands in the air,trance anthem. I personally would have preferred less vocals on this one (an instrumental mix please) but … Continue reading State of the Nation – Burden

Tiny Magnetic Pets – Radio On

Radio On, which features ex Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür, originally appeared on last year’s Deluxe/Debris album and now has been released featuring a number of remixes to support the Dublin based band’s continued touring in support of OMD. The original version is very poppy and whilst their are some nice bits it’s not a keeper for me. However it’s on the remixes where things get interesting with all the remixers stripping out the radio friendly vocals. Happy Robots stalwart Alice Hubble produces a mellotron based remix that blissfully wanders whilst London based droners The Leaf Library produce a contemplative response … Continue reading Tiny Magnetic Pets – Radio On

Stolen – Chaos

Stolen hail from Chengdu and apparently are spearheading the sound of China according to the accompanying blurb. They have caught the ear of Mark Reeder, Berlin based DJ, producer and one time Factory Records employee, who has collaborated with them on this, their first single. Musically it’s a bit New Order lite (Reeder’s mate Mr Sumner has already given them the thumbs up) and, whilst the vocals on this track may grate the ear of some, there is more than a hint of better things to come. Their debut album Fragment is out soon but for now it’s Mark Reeder’s … Continue reading Stolen – Chaos

Haiku Salut – The More And Moreness

I cannot say Haiku Salut have ever rocked my world despite their impressive lamp show. The More And Moreness was a recent single and one I have recently discovered. And it’s ace, sounding like a cross between the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and New Order 1982/83. And if that isn’t enough there is also a rather spiffing remix by long term collaborator Thomas Ragsdale (Winter Son/Ghosting Season) which can be found on the Occupy single the band released earlier this year. The More And Moreness is taken from the album There Is No Elsewhere. I may have to dig deeper! Facebook Continue reading Haiku Salut – The More And Moreness