Red Sleeping Beauty featuring Amelia Fletcher – Solid Gold

Red Sleeping Beauty’s latest collaboration sees them teaming up with Amelia Fletcher formerly of Tallulah Gosh, Heavenly etc and now of Catenary Wires and Swansea Sound. It also sees the band dispensing with the synth-pop sound they have engaged with since their reformation in 2016, making a return to their indiepop roots. Well almost. The opening drumbeats give it an initial synth-pop feel but Fletcher’s voice and the guitars, which slowly build up to a jangling crescendo, give the song a retro mid eighties indiepop coating.

Solid Gold is taken from a forthcoming four track EP which will also feature the band’s recent effort with Even As We Speak’s Mary Wyer. For now the track can be purchased direct from Matinee Recordings or via Bandcamp.


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