ViVii – One Day (Zoo Brazil Pop Remix)

I noticed the other day on Hype Machine how much love there is for Swedish band ViVii’s new single One Day. Despite the promising Joy Division/New Order like opening, I must admit the track did not grab me as it headed from the doom and gloom to sunnier climates.

Then, after giving the remix a listen courtesy of the Stockholm based electronic artist Zoo Brazil it all made a bit more sense. The post-punk undercurrent has gone (and let’s be frank Death Instinct are doing that so much better at present) and is replaced by a much poppier vibe which better suits the sun-drenched dreampop of the original. The interplaying vocals also sound much improved when matched to the delicate beats that accompany the shimmering guitars. Cafe Del Mar awaits methinks…….

As for the original? Yeah, that’s growing on me too.

Both versions are available from Dumont Dumont. I found the remix at 7 digital. The original version only seems to be available at stores that sell lossy audio files.


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