The Pre-Op Sampler

I Don’t Want War
I Don’t Want Zinc Coffins to Come to Our Country
We Don’t Need to Kill to Prove We’re Good for Anything Else

As people say life goes on. Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

Keaper – Day By Day

Dreamy alt-rock from down under courtesy of Melbourne’s Keaper.

Asimov – Enero

The Guatemalan shoegazers are back with their first single in almost eighteen months.

Go With Strangers – Ritchie Sacramento

On the back of the excellent Finding Ikigai EP Go With Strangers supply a cover of the Mogwai track. Originally recorded last year the track get’s a belated digital release.

Hoorsees – Jansport

Jansport is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album A Superior Athlete. That’s out on 22nd April 2022 via Kanine Records (USA) and Howlin’ Banana Records (EU).

The Hepburns Feat. Estella Rosa – Seagulls On A Frozen Lake

Seagulls On A Frozen Lake is the latest single to be taken from the recent Architecture Of The Ages long player. it will be backed with the previously unreleased Bad Before. It’s out via Elefant Records on March 8 2022.

Sapphire & Steel – Snø (Vil Falle Over Snø Som Har Falt)

Staying with Estella Rosa her 1970s influenced project with Jørn Åleskjær has a new single out. Based on the Norwegian bestselling novel of the same name. It’s a slab of retro pop music. Backed with Snowstorms and is out now via Rosa’s Fadeawayradiate Records.

Astragirl – Mirrored Writing

Mirrored Writing is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Pure Cashmere that will be released on April 1 2022. Pre-order from here.

The Caroline’s – I Adore U, Regardless

Taken from the current On My Way to U EP that is out now via Paska Records. A nice indiepop track from Indonesia – where else?

Still Corners – Far Rider

An epic track suitable for a road trip across desert roads or a route of your choice. Alt-Americana expanded as far as it possibly can be with more twangs than a twang factory.

Victoria and Jacob – Theia Mania (Haiku Salut Remix)

Originally released back in 2013 this one gets another airing as part of the Silver Discs series to celebrate London based label Where It’s At Is Where You Are (wiaiwya) 25th anniversary. Get in on extremely limited 10″ lathe cut vinyl or digital formats from here.

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