Recommended Releases 06/02/2022

Continuing the series of posting albums and/or EPs as and when they are released (or usually a bit after!) as a follow up to the initial new tracks/singles posts posted on this blog. Sample the release via the You Tube track then dive in to the full release.

Partner Look – By The Book

Catchy and quirky indiepop with post-punk influences from the Melbourne based band which features German sisters Ambrin and Anila Hasnain who are joined by their partners Dainis Lacey and Lachlan Denton. By The Book is a pleasant listen with enough hooks, twists, turns and twangs to draw you in especially on tracks like Deutschland and Grasshopper. Delightful and wistful.

The album is available from Spunk Records! (Aus), Osborne Again (Aus) and Trouble In Mind Records (US)


Plastic Estate – Plastic Estate

Well polished post-punk which takes it’s cues from Synth Britannia. Plastic Estate is an enjoyable listen thanks to the retro synth-pop/electronic beats and you could well end up with a smirk on your face. Tracks such as Change Your Mind, Divinely Impaired, There Must Be More Than This could well be on my playlist for a while yet.

Plastic Estate is out now on Avant Records.


Fawns Of Love – Unrequited Love Songs

Unrequited Love Songs features new versions of tracks that originally appeared on the bands debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow and 2017’s Falling/Standing single from 2017. Also featured is the Wor_kspace remix of Miranda and eight (!!!) abstract remixes of Silly Boy by Love Is A Ghost.

Again there are lots of influences from the UK 1980s post-punk here and you can hear the likes of The Cocteau Twins, New Oder and to a lesser extent The Cure in the band’s sound. It’s two of the remixes that stand out for me being the aforementioned Miranda (wor_kspace version) and the Boy Abstract 1 Remix from Love Is A Ghost which could render the following seven redundant because they come no where close as this one – depending on your ear’s point of view of course!. I can listen to the band’s music all day, especially Jenny Andreotti’s wonderful voice.

Unrequited Love Songs is out now on Glass Modern.


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