Sugar For The Pill – Falling Back To You

The Athens (the Greek capital, not the US city) based band Sugar For The Pill, who no doubt took their name from the Slowdive song of the same name, consist of Vana Rose (vocals), Spyros Mitrokotsas (guitars), Elias K (guitars), Stefanos Manousis (bass/keyboards) and Konstantinos Athanasopoulos (drums). Members of the band used to be in the likes of Skinner Box and Dead Buildings.

The bands debut single, Falling Back To You, has just been released. It’s an extremely addictive listen blurring the lines between indie and dream pop thanks to the swirling guitars, synths and pounding percussion. The vocals are the icing on the cake. It’s a must hear!

The band will also be releasing their debut album Wanderlust (a nod to Chicane perhaps?) on March 18th 2022. It’s a joint release between Make Me Happy Records (Gr) and Shelflife Records (US).


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