Singles Going Steady

Colatura – Team Sport

New York dreampoppers Colatura are back with a melodic new single in the shape of Team Sport. Synths and guitars shimmer whilst the songs words deal with attempting to make a relationship work. The bands debut album And Then I’ll Be Happy will be released towards the end of April.


Salt Lake Alley – Now I’ve Realized

Swedish band Salt Lake Alley comprise of Gustav Tranback and Mikael Carlsson who have been members of bands such as The Honeydrips, Dorotea and Paper Hearts. Is a jangling indiepop affair that seeks it’s inspiration from four decades ago. Yeah C86, Sarah Records and all that. An album titled It Takes Two follows next month.


Useless Youth – Domingo

Mexico City’s Useless Youth are back with a jangling and shambling indiepop single in the shape of Domingo (Sunday). It sounds like it is all over the place at times but that is all part of the charm. A new album follows later this year.


Silver Liz – Until Lately

Silver Liz have ended their flirtation with dancefloor tunes (well, for now) and return with an acoustic guitar driven song which highlights the vocals of Carrie Wagner. When the 1960’s inspired drums come in they soon work in harmony with some lovely piano. Apparently the forthcoming, and as yet untitled, new album will see the band’s work transcending even more genres. Who knows what we will hear!


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – I Still Owe You Everything

When you are as prolific as The Reds, Pinks & Purples sometimes their tracks blur the lines. Whilst I Still Owe You Everything still sounds the same it somehow also manages to sound distinct. So much so I think it’s one of the Glenn Donaldson’s best songs to date. It’s backed with the piano, courtesy of Clay Ruby, driven Break up the Band. Grab this one soon as the band’s releases do tend to disappear.

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