The Third Cut – I Feel Bad So You Can Feel Good

The Third Cut have just released their second EP in the shape of the tongue twisting titled I Feel Bad So You Can Feel Good. It features the four songs released this past year plus a further two. They open with their two strongest tracks in the shape of Sugar, Stop and All I Want which have been reviewed here and here respectively. The first previously unheard track is Frida And Eddie which takes me back as it’s a catchy synthpop track stepping outside of the band’s usual indiepop sound. There are some nice sounds here alongside the thriving beats. It’s not far from recent Red Sleeping Beauty territory.

It all gets a bit gentle and laid back for the final three tracks. Bad Idea impresses slightly more than it did a year ago. The trumpet is still lovely but I am not sure the voice works on these quieter songs having a marmite effect i.e. you will either love or hate them. The Dark Times carries on in the same vein sans trumpets failing to stick in the memory after it finishes. Final track Sideways Glances (As We Tumble Overboard) is an instrumental that, thanks to the strong guitar sound, could be paying homage to The Shadows or the Tornados. It’s a mixed bag for sure. A pick n’ mix bag if I am honest. I would give it 3 out of 5 if I did that sort of thing.

I Feel Bad So You Can Feel Good is available digitally from here.


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