Records I Like Mix December 2021

So here we have the final monthly mix of 2021 or to give it it’s original working title Wrapping up 2021. However a few decent tracks have emerged the past week or so which means January’s mix may well suit that title better!

It’s a mix of tracks from the past couple of months including a couple of cover versions, retro fuzzy indiepop sounds, dreampop and even an ambient track or two towards the end from Prepare My Glider and Robin Guthrie. And how did I miss that WE.THE PIGS album that came out last month?

Full Track Listing:

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed
Veps – His Brother
Fawns of Love – Innocence of Protection
Fine. – Every Ache
Laundromat Chicks – It Must Be The Stars
Iris Bevy – Bright Red and March Away
Melted Ice Cream – Todas Las Noches
Pale Blue Eyes – TV Flicker
Boss – Cash ‘Em In
Colatura – We Run On Empty
Miedo Feat Mariela Paracaidistas – El Monstruo
The Third Cut – All I Want
Terra Pines – Harp On
Artsick – Despise
Melody Charade – Sky Like This
Smile – Half Faith, Half Struggle
Tallies – No Dreams of Fayres
World Of Fox – Sullen Eyes
Thee Terrible Hildas – Get Surfing!
Grazer – Hyper-normal
Whimsical – Cerulean
Blush – Best Friend
Bridge Dog – (Don’t) Call Me Out
Useless Youth – Verano 2017
Chime School – Radical Leisure
Lunar Vacation – Cutting Corners
Kids On A Crime Spree – When Can I See You Again?
WE.THE PIGS – Fuck Your Songs
Prepare My Glider – Winding Down
Robin Guthrie – Revue

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