The Sensitive/To Die – Split

The new release from Jakarta based Let’s Kiss a Secret is a split release from The Sensitive and To Die. The former has been mentioned previously on this blog and the post-punk influences found on earlier works have been replaced with a heavy Sarah Records influence. A bit of Field Mice, a bit of Another Sunny Day and a bit of The Wake. What’s not to like?

I have not heard anything from To Die before and based on this track I am not sure I would want to again. Experimental? Ambient Metal? Punk? Unlistenable? Yeah, the last one that’s it. I know this form of music has it’s fans but I am not one of them and I had to turn it off mid song. Maybe that’s the effect the band were after and if they are good luck to them.

It’s a definite “tale of too halves” this one and is available in digital formats from Let’s Kiss A Secret.

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