The Post Holiday Sampler

After a week in the Lake Districts walking, getting soaked or actually of a combination of both here are ten more tracks that I am catching up on.

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Grazer – Reunion

The new single from Melbourne based dream-poppers Grazer.

Relay Tapes – Teeth (Remix)

Staying down under Brisbane’s Relay Tapes have released a rather decent remix of Teeth, a track that originally appeared on last year’s Early Morning Abstract EP.

Humdrum – Wave Goodbye

Vibrant indiepop from Chicago’s Humdrum who is ex Star Tropics member Loren Vanderbilt.

Un Día Soleado – Skate 3

The new track from Argentinian band Un Día Soleado, which translates as A Sunny Day which should give you a clue to the band’s indiepop influences.

bdrmm – Port

The new single and video from bdrmm is full of dystopian imagery and would be perfect for a revised soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s seminal 1927 movie Metroplois.

Fjord Mustang – Five years

Five Years is the debut single from Toronto’s Fjord Mustang and is a slice of jangling indiepop which sounds more Swedish than Canadian, thanks in part, to the ethereal vocals of Victoria Egan.

The New Modern Lights – Dreams

The Singaporean based band are releasing a new EP collating their output from the past few years. 2019’s Dreams is the lead track. Strong and melodic jangle pop.

Rabbit – Gone Gone Gone

Thriving power pop with garage and punk influences from Tasmanian based Rabbit. Also available on 7″ vinyl from Rough Skies Records.

Strawberry Sleepover – Le Quaintrelle

Le Quaintrelle is taken from the bands new album Exploding Strawberry Inevitable. Mixing psych and other 1960’s influences this track is a bit of a garage rock groover.

122 North – Goodbye

Last year’s Drive EP by Quebec based 122 North has been released as an extended version with a new remixed and additional tracks. Goodbye is one of the additional new tracks and mixes the electronic sound of New Order with the blissful beats of The Beloved to great effect.

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