122 North – Drive EP

Saint-Jérôme (Quebec) based 122 North writes that they are heavily influenced by “Madchester/Acid House era of the late 80’s early 90’s”. However, when listening to the opening two tracks it’s more London and Sun Rising than Voodoo Ray or Pacific State – nothing wrong with that of course! This is evidenced on the second track Better Stranger where the vocals are very reminiscent of those of Jon Marsh and the track gives off a “blissed out” vibe – pun intended!

There are two remixes of the title track. The Love Dance remix highlights parts of the vocals against a backdrop of swirling, laidback electronica. However, it’s the Highway mix that really emphasises with the band’s description. It has that classic vibe about it resplendent with breakdowns, drum beats and the odd siren taking me back to indie clubs and dancefloors of my younger days. This old man is happy. Or should that be full of “happiness”?

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