The Post Holiday Catch Up Sampler #1

So after my first break away since December 2019, I have come back to a pretty full inbox and have started to catch up on releases from the past two weeks alongside tracks I did not have a chance to hear before departing. As there are far too many tunes to write about individually here is the first playlist of the weekend. Enjoy.

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Sleep OverloadSaturn Gazer

The flipside of the new single Demon Lights.

Stella Dreams – Caught

Taken from the EP Anemic Dream.

The Bunbury – Hide Me from the Sun

The new single from the Yogyakarta based band.

Stereoskop – The Mist

The first single to be taken from the forthcoming sixth album Silk and backed with two excellent remixes.

TorreySomething Happy

The title track of the band’s brand new album.

Martes NieblaHelsinki I

The beautiful new single from the Sevillians, which is out now on El Genio Equivocado.

Beach VacationMoving On

The new single from Seattle’s Beach Vacation which is out now via Z-Tapes

The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Work It Out While You Can

The flip side of the new single I’d Rather Astral Project which is out now on Tough Love.

Bobsled TeamNever Mind

Taken from the Belfast based band’s debut album The Colours Blur.

Alice Hubble – My Dear Friend

The second single to be taken from the forthcoming album Hexentanzplatz.

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