A Saturday Music Saunter

Work was amazingly stressful for the last few days of this past week which impinged on my listening time. It’s the weekend now so time to unwind with a look at some of the week’s releases. More tomorrow.

Mashmellow – We Own The Night

The new single from Russian band Mashmellow starts off with some stripped backed guitars and the lovely voice of Maria Shurygina. It slowly picks up pace before changing gears once more, finishing in a flurry. Because of that, you could imagine the track consisting of several bands being fused/glued together and at one point it sounded like The Sundays doing Trip-Hop. Personally, I like the variety that the song contains. And if you don’t like that voice!


Eterna Joventut – Jamás Podré Tener Su Amor

Catalonians Eterna Joventut invokes the spirit of the late 1950s/early 1960s rock and roll on their new single which translates as I Can Never Have His Love. The song deals with unrequited love and sounds like it would easily slip on to the soundtrack of a Spanish remake of the John Water’s movie Cry Baby.

Fine. – 2023

The new single from Boston’s Fine. 2023 is taken from their forthcoming album. It’s a lively affair complete with jangling guitars and “boy/girl” vocals and like The Shop Window’s recent Out Of Reach single it too sets the benchmark for UK indiepop in 2021.


Traveling With Monika – The Emptiness

On their previous two singles, Bangkok’s Traveling With Monika have added some gothic elements to their music. However, it’s back to shoegazing basics on the new single The Emptiness. Initially, I was thrown by the male vocals but a couple of listens in I have started to appreciate those more. It sounds like some traditional instruments have been added into the mix as well although that could be an effect of the track. It’s their best song for a while.


Relay Tapes – Daylighter

Daylighter is a fine slice of indiepop/dreampop from down under courtesy of Melbourne’s Relay Tapes. Fuzzy guitars and ethereal vocals are the order of the day and it’s a sound I could listen to non-stop. Yes, it sounds like it’s from 1988 but I still love listening to music like this 30 plus years on. Gimme more!


Neighbours – Real Talk/Without You

Pittsburgh’s Get Hip Recordings is fast becoming one of my favourites labels with its catalogue of rock ‘n’ roll and garage. Now you can add a bit of garaged influenced mod soul to the list thanks to the debut 7″ from fellow Pittsburgh dwellers Neighbours. Real Talk is frantic dancefloor music and is a complete contrast to the ballad found on the flip side. Note that this single was originally was self released digitally by the band back in 2011 but a decade on it proves that class is timeless.

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