Post Punk Tuesday

Ductape – Hata

Labirent is the debut album from Turkish band Ductape and Hata is one of the enjoyable eight tracks it contains. It’s a fine darkwave album despite touching on some uncomfortable subjects such as those found on Wooden Girl. Labirent is available on CD from SwissDarkNights or digitally from the band.

Motorama — Pole Star

Pole Star is the brand new single from Russian band Motorama who are now veterans of the Post-punk scene in Russia and beyond! Both song and accompanying video are clever examples of minimal coldwave. The song itself is striking and catchy. It’s not on Bandcamp at present so I am not sure where you can pick it up. However, a new album is in the works so hopefully, it will show up on there.


Ohne Nomen – Fell ((Nightflower Remix)

I am not quite sure what Witchwave is but if it all sounds as good as this then I am happy. Hailing from Italy and founded by members of the band Marlat Ohne Nomen’s debut single, the original version of Fell, was released last month. That was good enough but this remix version emphasises the beats and vocals taking it further into dancefloor territory. Both versions of the single can be purchased digitally via Cold Transmission Music.


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