Vacance – Bord De Mer

Vacance is a new band hailing from Bordeaux, France. They comprise of Allison who provides both words and voice alongside Laurent (Lokomotiv Sofia) and Michaël (Feutre/Watoo Watoo). Like many indiepop bands these days they draw heavily on post-punk influences such as coldwave, minimal wave and synth-pop. The fact they have been compared to the early 1980s Jeunes Gens Mödernes scene is more than enough to spark my interest.

The band release their debut album Nos Futurs on the Greek label Melotron Recordings towards the end of this month and have released the opening track Bord De Mer as a taster. For someone who loves that early 1980’s vintage synth sound (is it vintage if I grew up with it at the time?) and indiepop the track sure is a marriage made in heaven. Imagine early OMD fronted by Alex Taylor or Andrea Lewis and you are halfway there.

Nos Futurs will be released digitally and on CD (standard and very limited edition formats) on the 23rd October 2020. Pre-order it from here.

EDIT: You can watch a video, from the same session, for the album;’s closing track Polaire here.


One thought on “Vacance – Bord De Mer

  1. Oh,
    Thanks a lot for your review!

    I hope you’ll also like the other songs.

    Stay tuned for the video of Bord de mer 🙂

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