I don’t think my love of all things post-punk is shared by many who visit these pages so if you do this mix, rounding up post-punk purchases from the past couple of months and not featured elsewhere on the blog, is for you. 10 tracks of coldwave, darkwave, synth-pop and goth-tinged rock to get stuck into. Even on a Sunday.

Factice FactoryWeimar (FacebookBuy)
PulsationsBedwarfing Virtues (FacebookBuy)
The CompletersEnd (FacebookBuy)
Brutalist Architecture in the SunMy Poison (FacebookBuy)
Delphine ComaDissolve (FacebookBuy)

AutomaticSuicide in Texas (Panther Modern Remix) (FacebookBuy)
KlackRhythm Of The System (FacebookBuy)
BlakLightIsolation (FacebookBuy)
BilloVakuum (Buy)
Cheap MeatLet’s Eat! (Buy)

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