Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

Delayed by Bandcamp Friday this weeks pack of three covers three new singles with some fine video accompaniment.

Pastel Coast – Rendezvous

As summer starts to fade into autumn we need an upbeat indie tune with whistles aplenty. Step up French band Pastel Coast with their new track Rendezvous which ticks all those boxes with its tales of summer fun. Life’s a beach….. Apparently, the band will be releasing a number of singles that explore electro-pop before the next album is released. Keep those eyes peeled and more importantly, ears tuned!


Ghost Transmission – Heartbeat

Another excellent single from Spanish band Ghost Transmission who, along with Lunchbox and Fascinations Grand Chorus, are making some of the finest 1960s influenced indiepop this year. Heartbeat is no exception as pop meets the wall of sound and it’s a track destined for the dancefloors around lockdown land. Marvellous as is the vintage 1950s video footage. Heartbeat is out now on El Genio Equivocado.


LISASINSON – Volverte A Enamorar

Staying in Spain (and Valencia!) once more the new single from Lisasinson is an updated version of the shambling punk-inspired indiepop sound that was previously purveyed by the likes of The Shop Assistants and The Flatmates. No idea what they are singing about but it looks like they are having fun as they “fall in love again”. Volverte A Enamorar is available digitally from Elefant Records.


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