Cover Me Three……

Vision Video – Agent Orange

The new track from Vision Video is a cover of the short-lived London based post-punk band Ski Patrol’s Agent Orange. The song was originally released in 1980 and became Ski Patrol’s best-known song. The pulsating bass line is not so prominent on the cover but is a fine effort none the less supplanting the Vietnam War protest theme of the original with a protest anthem against the current American administration. The future is orange? Hopefully not for much longer.

Agent Orange can be purchased from here.


Gruppa Hmuriy – Privet Tebe

The new single from Moscow based Gruppa Hmuriy is a cover of Privet Tebe originally performed by Russian rock band Center. It’s been recorded as a tribute to Center’s 40th anniversary. Never having heard the original this cover turns the original folk-rock sound into a thriving post-punk/rock hybrid.


The Crystal Furs – Friday I’m In Love

I cannot say that Friday I’m In Love is one of my favourite Cure tracks. I have always found it to be a bit smug and dull if I am honest. That said The Crystal Furs turn the song into a jangling fest that sounds much more pleasant to my ears. It’s all about taste innit regardless of the day of the week.


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