Dark Embrace Me – A Post-Punk Mix

A post-punk mix featuring some of my most listened too post-punk tracks from the past few months. It primarily covers gothic rock and coldwave but also includes some other nuggets in between.

Alternative stream at Hearthis.at

Fall Tracklisting:

Automatic – Calling It
Calling It has thumping bass dominated groove with single tone, almost spoken, vocals that herald the arrival of the unclear synth sound.

New Today – Snatch
Taken from the recent New Today EP.

Magnified Desire – Dead Flowers
Australians Magnified Desire deliver two excellent synth-pop tracks that hark back to the early 1980s. The haunted, echoing vocals are a vivid reminder of that era….

Grey Gallows – Nothing Will Remain
Excellent post-punk from this Greek Darkwave band.

Suffering For Kisses – Culture
Their music, well one Tony D’Oporto’s, is Gothic tinged post-punk driven by both guitars and synths. The vocal style is deadpan, almost spoken whilst the words are despairing, dejected.

Echoberyl – Dark Embrace Me
Dark Embrace Me mixes the classic early New Order guitar sound with coldwave to devastating effect.

Kill Shelter ft. Antipole & Delphine Coma – In Decay
Gothic rock at it’s finest.

Scary Black – Icarus
The early New Order guitar sound that is used sparingly gets the song extra points but if the Truth (see what I did there?) be told it’s just the icing on the cake for another excellent track……

Trit95 – New Surroundings
Like its predecessor it’s like listening to a forgotten coldwave gem from the 1980s on Les Disques du Crépuscule….

Astari Nite – Dearly Beloved
The latest track from the band.

Echoscope – Crisis of Faith
Whilst I could chuck the usual suspects at you for comparisons sake I suggest that you go straight for the jugular and give songs such as Left Behind and Crisis Of Faith a listen and then ask yourself the question “have you heard a better gothic-rock debut this year?” I thought not!

Schadenfreude – Genug
The music is driven by guitars and samplers and owes plenty to the likes of Joy Division and their peers none more so than on Genug.

The Vacant Lots – Bells
Stunning lead track from the recently released No Exit EP.

DILK – Graveyard Orbit
and if the darker side of synth pop is your thing – check out Graveyard Orbit – then DILK could well be your favourite new band.

Consejo – Orquidea
Orquídea is quite possibly their best track yet as the vocals glide effortlessly over the dark, Gothic tinged guitars and synths.

The Dreams Never End – Cor da Alma
….but the driving synths beats of the track well and truly hit the aural spot.

Mannequin – Lines
It’s Lines however that piques my interest. Electronic beats complete with a catchy vocal performance suggest its headed straight down to the post-punk dance-floor…….

Twin Tribes – Heart & Feather
The first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album Ceremony.

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