The Records I Like Mix April 2019

April’s round up covers dream pop, indiepop and shoegaze releases that have caught my ear in the past few weeks.

Full tracklisting:

The Raft – Xanadu (Abloom Version)
The track is an epic, creative dream-pop song which showcases the band at it’s strongest and is a benchmark for the rest of the album.

Tara – Second Guess
Second Guess is an outstanding debut single from Brooklyn’s TARA.

Tight Knit – Too Hot
I Want You has a catchy chorus that you could die for

Fresh – Going To Brighton
Fresh? Pretty confident more like.

HuanHuan – Charlie
Ethereal female vocals forge an alliance with shimmering guitars on an instant shoegaze classic

Peppermint Showers – Dotted Lines
A stunning song from Australian band Peppermint Showers.

Ta Toy Boy – Goodbye
They use an organ to distinguish themselves from their peers and it works harmoniously with the guitars and vocals resulting in an appealing, well crafted song.

Blushing – Dream Merchants
The excellent new single from Austin’s Blushing.

Fragile Animals – Melbourne
The voice of vocalist/bassist Victoria Jenkins brings another dimension to the songs which sound pretty much effortless.

Johan Hedberg – Tobias Och Jag
The new single out now on The Future Sound of Stockholm label.

Silent James – Puede Ser
The standout track taken from the recent Pálidos y Débiles EP (Grupos de Discos de Kirlian adaptan a los Smiths) which is out now on Discos De Kirlian.

True Sleeper – Coda
The third single to be lifted from the recent Life Happened album. Out now on Lady Sometimes Records.

Group Photos – Infirmary
Infirmary is one of the highlights from the recent 33RPM EP.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls – Cedric
The new song from this wonderfully named Swedish band.

L I P S – Apartment
Apartment is a searing dream pop song that soars above and beyond thanks to the vibrating guitars and graceful vocals of singer Rachel Anstis.

Mellow Daze – How Could This Be Fair
The first song from this new Australian band.

Бадди Психолли – Да!
Wonderful stuff taken from a wonderful EP.

Sunflower – Heroin
The band’s music has that epic, stadia feel to it and the afore mentioned Heroin is very catchy indeed.

The Hannah Barberas – I Like You In Blue
Of the three new tracks it’s the lovely I Like You In Blue that harks to bygone eras that tickles my fancy and the voice of Lucy is a delight. Very Amelia Fletcher like.

If you want to be kept up to date with the future mixes when they are posted as well as the ability to download current and previous mixes drop me a line from the contact page with Add to Mixes List as the subject title.

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