The Hannah Barberas have compiled tracks from their first three EPs and have included three new ones for their first ever physical release. Hence, the title of course. I covered some previous EP’s before but will still give a heads up to the indie pop brilliance of Slow Cooked and the excellent Throwing Muses-ish Spellbound in case you have not heard these wonderful songs before.

Of the three new tracks it’s the lovely I Like You In Blue that harks to bygone eras that tickles my fancy and the voice of Lucy is a delight. Very Amelia Fletcher like. The other two new tracks have yet to make an impression as yet but I have no doubt, that like some tracks on the previous releases, I will appreciate them in time. However, in conclusion, the three tracks I have mentioned here are essential listening. Nay make that an essential purchase.

The Hannah Barberas Get Physical is out on CDR via Subjangle and digital formats from here.