Something For The Weekend? Shoegaze Variations

This weeks pack of three features three new Shoegazing tracks with variations on a theme.

Misty Coast – Backseat Warriors

Norwegian outfit and the wonderfully named Misty Coast described themselves as Melodaze. Made up of two members of Megaphonic Thrift they have released a number of tracks since 2016 with Backseat Warriors being the latest. There are some lovely sounds here mixed with shimmering guitars and female ethereal vocals. Shoegaze to chill too.


Rusted Satellites – Constellations (Demo)

Constellations is the sound of a psychedelic and spiritual variant of shoegaze. The lyrics are poignant and vocals are sublime. It’s easy to drift off to this one and it’s more stargazing than shoegazing!


Sugar Violets – Maybe

If you have the sound turned up you may want to turn it down (or up even further depending on your persuasion) as this is a very noisy track indeed. The guitars sizzle as if they were the end result of a power current surge whilst the lyrics are sung softly and calmly. Me? I cranked this one up big time.


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