Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More…..

I think this final post of the week finally sees me catching up with my bandcamp bookmarks, well the stuff I liked, for now.

Lightfoils – Summer Nights (radio edit)

An absolute belter of a shoegazing track. Dreamy and ethereal. Just the way I like ’em. I cannot really say any more so press play now!

Edit: A longer 8 minute version can be found on the just released Chambers EP.


Death of Heather – I Can Tell

Bangkok’s Death of Heather build upon the promise of their July demos delivering a lovely polished dreampop effort that will be on my portable player for a month or two yet.


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Human Life (Demo)

There have been a number of demos from this DIY indiepop project posted over the past few months and this latest one is the best yet. It echoes back to the 1980’s indie as well as sounding a bit Electric Pop Group like in certain places. Lovely stuff.

Nice Try – Nice Try

At last an album from Last Try! Songs about love, frustration and anger are the themes here. Fuzzy and noisy pop is the order of the day and tracks like Anger, Smart and Pearl seize the moment with style. A nice try indeed!


Vamping – Caves & Hoodoos

Amazingly I never even mentioned the bands long player Desert Plants that was released back in March. Let’s rectify that with a mention of the follow up EP! There are six songs here that err on the gentler side of indiepop/dreampop although a couple sound like they could have been lifted from Cherry Red’s recent C89 compilation. It’s varied stuff and demonstrates how many ideas this one man band from Texas has. Grab a listen!


The Seams – Another Side Of The Seams

I know I use the word lovely a lot which makes me come across as a gushing buffoon but this album is really lovely, or as we say on my manor, it’s ‘andsome. The album features jangling, catchy and harmonious pop songs. Tracks like Lemonade and Glue are lovely delightful and should be on mine, yours and anyone else who is paying attention, playlists.


Rose Ette – Ignore the Feeling

Ignore the Feeling is the debut album from Houston’s Rose Ette and it covers a lot of ground over the course of it’s 30 minutes. Crossing between alt-rock, indiepop, bedroom pop and even post-punk there is plenty here to keep one happy for the most part. Tracks like All The Way, Mirrors and So Close impress. Some may find the vocals a bit too sugary sweet in places but give it a listen and see what you think.


Now onto the new stuff!

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