Something For The Weekend? Three from Down Under

This weeks pack of three features three artists from Australia.

Fragile Animals – Light That Fades EP

Melodic alternative/indie rock from Brisbane. Their music is further enhanced by the voice of Victoria Jenkins, who also plays bass, that gives them an edge over other bands in the genre.  The title track and Home are the EP standouts. They do fall flat on their faces on the mishmash that is Smaller Circles but four decent tunes out of five ain’t bad.

Available on CD or digital formats – get it from here.


Turtle Bay Television – Rest Well In Your Shell

Rest Well In Your Shell is a well crafted EP containing pop music collated from a range of influences. I can hear echoes of alt-rock, shoegaze, post-punk amongst others. The art-rock style vocals will have that love them or hate them effect and some of the songs took me more than one listen before being appreciated.  Horror Movie is the highlight here with the band resembling an early Talking Heads.

Get it from here on CD or digital formats.


Corrections – Idolatry

An interesting album this one. Sounds like early Creation, Felt, The Wake,  The Field Mice, The Cure and post-punk all mixed together.  It’s solid stuff especially on the likes of This Week, Anticipating and Underground City.  Excellent stuff including the artwork!

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