Something For The Weekend? Three Compilations.

This week’s pack of three features three compilations that should keep you busy for this weekend and the next few come to think of it!

Ghost Babes Compilation Vol​.​3

London based cassette label Ghost Babe Records are now onto their third compilation featuring just American bands whether they play garage, slacker rock or punk. Not heard of most of these except for the excellent Wedding Camp but already I am going to dig into the back catalogues of Lost Boy? (try searching that name on Bandcamp!) and Thick.

It seems that when the cassettes are sold out the digital version is also made unavailable so if you want a copy grab it quick.

Indietracks Compilation 2017

It’s July and I can hear the sound of music and steam trains so that means only one thing. Indietracks is almost here again and once more a mammoth compilation of all the bands who are playing is available.

If you are a fan of UK/Irish indie and DIY pop then there are not that many surprises amongst the 45 tracks here although the fact that Lucky Soul are still going and Monkey Swallows The Universe seem to have reformed suggests I should get out to gigs more. As for the compilation it has a feel of a mixtape done for you buy a friend. Treat it us such!

Indietracks takes place between 28-30 July 2017 and tickets are available here. The compilation is available here.

Pale Horizons

Reptile Music is a German label specialising in post-punk, shoegaze and dreampop. This compilation compiles tracks from their releases so far and it’s not bad. The tracks from the likes of The Autumn Sighs, The Foreign Resort and Holygram are worth the one Euro asking price alone (a couple of Euros to be fair!). There are a couple of duffers but that’s the risk with compilations and to be honest the positives here far outweigh the negatives.

You can read more about the compilation here and, as ever, you can get it from bandcamp.

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