Mixing It Up………….

A mid-April mix for your listening pleasure. Click here to take you to a Playmoss playlist featuring these and other tracks.

The Death Of Pop – Busy With The Boys

A track that takes a few listens to get into. Not sure what that annoying dib-be-do (sic) sample is doing in there either but it all comes good in the end!


Youthmemory – City

Flipside of their new single Neo Tokyo. Japan’s Youthmemory “go” all Radio Dept. and dancey shoegaze on us to great effect. Superb. Did I mention it was superb?


Sea Pinks – Into Nowhere

A very catchy and addictive track that also happens to be the first “single” taken from their forthcoming new album Watercourse.


Major Leagues – It Was Always You

My most played track of the past few weeks. the drum machine reminds me of Dutch indie-poppers Persil. Get your dancing shoes on…..


The Newsletters – Dance Again

Alternative pop with a 1960’s psychedelic slant. Taken from their forthcoming self-titled 12″.


Blood Stone – Friends ‘Til The End

Stonking new single from Blood Stone and their first for a couple of years.


Girl, Girl – Kim’s Theme

The stand out track for me from their recent Generic Girl, Your Heroine EP. For fans of Tiger Trap and All Girl Summer Fun Band.

The King In Mirrors – Foolish Things

Superior indie pop from Swindon. Parts of this track just make me swoon…


Kosmonaut – Silver Star

The pick of the three tracks released (so far) these past few days by the band that features ex-members of Bulldozer Crash. Sounds like JAMC going up against Bubblegum Lemonade. Lovely!


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