Mixing It Up………….

A mid-April mix for your listening pleasure. Click here to take you to a Playmoss playlist featuring these and other tracks. The Death Of Pop – Busy With The Boys A track that takes a few listens to get into. Not sure what that annoying dib-be-do (sic) sample is doing in there either but it all comes good in the end! Facebook Youthmemory – City Flipside of their new single Neo Tokyo. Japan’s Youthmemory “go” all Radio Dept. and dancey shoegaze on us to great effect. Superb. Did I mention it was superb? Homepage Sea Pinks – Into Nowhere A … Continue reading Mixing It Up………….

Something For The Weekend? A New Mix!

A mix featuring 12 excellent tracks that have yet to be featured on the site. Here is the Mixcloud blurb: This latest Records I Like Mix covers a lot of ground over the course of its 33 minutes. From the opening gentle twee and indiepop sounds of Girl Ray and Those Unfortunates to the intense shoegaze of Kindling and Devilish Dear. How about some epic sounding indie pop from Agent Bla, Holy Now and the Death Of Pop going up alongside tracks from Brunch Club, When Nalda Became Punk, Supermilk, Kitty Kat Club and Early Riser. It’s all here. Enjoy! … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? A New Mix!

Something For The Weekend? Three revisited

This week’s threesome covers new releases from bands I have mentioned before. Verbludes – долги Indiepop from Russia. Apparently it’s about being in debt. I think my ears are! The Death Of Pop – Like Always This is the first we have heard from The Death Pop for almost a year. It’s a finely polished tune encompassing their jangling guitar sound. It’s also their best track for some time. Facebook Peach Club – Mission Impossible Another assault on the senses from Norwich based riot grrrls Peach Club. Mission Impossible is an honest and memorable blast at sexism and double standards … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three revisited

Holiday Tuneage!

It’s going to be a bit silent around here for the next couple of weeks whilst I am away but that doesn’t mean that there will be nothing left to listen too judging by this round up post which features some music I have meaning to mention separately but time etc. First up is The Death of Pop with their new single Bubble Bath that features four excellent indie pop tracks. Not much progression from their previous work but if it ain’t broke………………. The excellent The Choo Choo Trains, who describe themselves as playing “girl-guide Shoegaze”, have a new cassette … Continue reading Holiday Tuneage!

The Death Of Pop – Tombola Cassette

The Death Of Pop have released a limited edition cassette of some of their previous recordings recorded live last month for Cassette Store Day. They say “It was recorded live on the 26th August 2013 using a 4-track cassette recorder and has been mastered straight to cassette with no digital conversion.” £5 will get you one of 30 tapes plus a digital downlaod in the format of your choice. Order from here. Facebook Continue reading The Death Of Pop – Tombola Cassette