Something For The Weekend

Music-Complete-560x560How about some electronica for the weekend?

Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (Proxy Remix)

A very good remix of Grey Sunday by Proxy. Not as accessible as the original (which you can find here) but still impresses with a much harder sound.


New Order – Plastic

If Restless and it’s pretty boring remixes got you down and had you thinking it sounded the death knell (again!) for New Order then you may have to have a rethink! Plastic is pretty good and must be the next single surely given it’s remix potential. It sounds like the band has been remixed by Giorgio Moroder. Maybe forthcoming album Music Complete will not be so bad after all!


Rodney Cromwell – Barry Was An Arms Dealer

I am guessing Rodney Cromwell listens to a lot of New Order as well as other 1980’s electronica based on Barry Was An Arms Dealer. It’s taken from his album Age of Anxiety which is now on Happy Robots Records. You can pick up the album from here or digitally from here.

Black Dog will be lifted from the album and released as a single soon complete with remixes soon.


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