Tiny Magnetic Pets – Radio On

Radio On, which features ex Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür, originally appeared on last year’s Deluxe/Debris album and now has been released featuring a number of remixes to support the Dublin based band’s continued touring in support of OMD. The original version is very poppy and whilst their are some nice bits it’s not a keeper for me. However it’s on the remixes where things get interesting with all the remixers stripping out the radio friendly vocals. Happy Robots stalwart Alice Hubble produces a mellotron based remix that blissfully wanders whilst London based droners The Leaf Library produce a contemplative response … Continue reading Tiny Magnetic Pets – Radio On

Rodney Cromwell – Comrades

Comrades by London’s Rodney Cromwell is a slice of superior synth pop that sounds like one man’s tribute to Man Machine by Kraftwerk. I can hear snippets throughout but I am mainly reminded of Spacelab and The Model. Mind you, and thanks to the lyrics, I started humming Echo Beach as well! Just when I think shame that was over a bit too quick for my liking Vieon’s Extended Dance Remix kicks in and life is good once more. Comrades is taken from the English Disco EP that is due for release in May via Happy Robots Records. Until then … Continue reading Rodney Cromwell – Comrades

Rodney Cromwell – Black Dog EP

Black Dog was one of the outstanding tracks on Cromwell’s Age of Anxiety album released back in June. It’s here in shortened and extended versions that hark back to the golden age of Synth Britannia. However it’s the Rod’s Glitchy Disco Mix of You Will Struggle that steals the show as most of the original vocals are dumped and the cut up ones that remain are used to great effect over a contagious beat. Out on limited CD and digital from from here. Facebook Continue reading Rodney Cromwell – Black Dog EP

Something For The Weekend

How about some electronica for the weekend? Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (Proxy Remix) A very good remix of Grey Sunday by Proxy. Not as accessible as the original (which you can find here) but still impresses with a much harder sound. Facebook New Order – Plastic If Restless and it’s pretty boring remixes got you down and had you thinking it sounded the death knell (again!) for New Order then you may have to have a rethink! Plastic is pretty good and must be the next single surely given it’s remix potential. It sounds like the band has … Continue reading Something For The Weekend