Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks

La De Parks by Madrid’s Marcos Y Molduras is one of those short, fuzzy indiepop tracks I love so much. The gentle build up, female vocals and then vibrant but lo-fi punk-pop guitars and percussion kicking in. It’s like the prefect recipe for these ears as the track deals with a doomed love affair. That may have not worked out in the end but this track most certainly does! La De Parks is out now via Discos De Kirlian. Continue reading Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks

Various – Pálidos y Débiles EP (Grupos de Discos de Kirlian adaptan a los Smiths)

On this EP Five Spanish bands who have previously recorded for the Discos De Kirlian label provide covers of songs by The Smiths. Actually make that four covers as Silent James have contributed a song in the style of Moz & Co. Cover versions can be nonplussed affairs but there a couple of gems here. Mieu by Lavandera is their version of Panic sung in the Asturian language. Whilst musically it replicates the original down to a tee the bands native tongue really suit the lyrics, making the song stand out and none more so when they close with the … Continue reading Various – Pálidos y Débiles EP (Grupos de Discos de Kirlian adaptan a los Smiths)

No Fucks – Estrellas

The excellent “band with a name you should never google at work” No Fucks return with a new single. It’s the first to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album and is backed with a non album track Sleepaway Camp. Both are fine examples of the punkpop that endeared me to them in the first place. The album will be out next month but until then pick up the single via Discos De Kirlian. Facebook Continue reading No Fucks – Estrellas

Seeing Hands – Seeing Hands

Newcastle’s Seeing Hands new 10″ single compiles all their releases to date from 2016’s Treat You Right to I Know You which was released earlier this year. There is also a new track in the shape of Colours which gets proceedings underway and it’s a sparkling mix of dream and jangle pop. The whole EP continues in the same vein. Guitars shimmer, synths glitter whilst the vocals spin and twirl throughout none more so than on Love You Still which echoes to the ghosts of the Cocteau Twins. Beautiful stuff and it’s an essential release any way you look at … Continue reading Seeing Hands – Seeing Hands

Puzzles y Dragones – Fuerzas Absurdas

More tuneful indiepop for you today in the shape of Fuerzas Absurdas (Absurd Forces in English) from Puzzles y Dragones. It’s taken from their forthcoming debut album Vuelven Puzzles y Dragones and is their first release since 2013’s Somos Puzzles y Dragones. As for the track it’s catchy and bouncy in all the right places despite the sombre lyrics (I had to translate them!). I will be keeping an ear out for the album which is due out next month on Discos De Kirlian. Facebook Continue reading Puzzles y Dragones – Fuerzas Absurdas

We. the Pigs – EP2

Fusing indiepop and shoegaze together Malmo’s We. the Pigs make a lovely tuneful racket. This is their second EP and picks up right where the first left off. Noisy but blissful and shimmering guitars bounce off the vocals causing the listener to sway with gay abandon. And if Too Young is not floating around your top 10 tracks of 2017 come December then you must be listening you the wrong thing. Or I am! Available on 7″ vinyl or digital formats from Discos De Kirlian. Facebook Soundcloud Continue reading We. the Pigs – EP2

Jessica & The Fletchers – Connecting People

Barcelona’s Jessica & The Fletchers have just released their debut album. Entitled Connecting People it’s chock fall of noisy and fun pop tunes that hark back to years gone by especially the fuzzier side of the C86 era. So much so they should have released it on a flexi disc. Connecting People is limited to just 100 CD copies (it’s begging for a vinyl release) on the Discos De Kirlian label. Get it from here or digitally from the band or label. Facebook Continue reading Jessica & The Fletchers – Connecting People