Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This weeks pack of three features three new singles from acts around the globe.

Auld Spells – Bought and Sold

The new single from Edinburgh’s Auld Spells sees them venting their spleen about the short term greed of those who destroy the planet, not giving a shite about the future generations, in order to make money. The band mix folk, influences from the 1970s and psychedelia to great effect. Not to mention a great message too.


Lisasinson – Canción De Entretiempo

More pop punk fun from Spanish act Lisasinson who seem to have slimmed down to a two piece at some point. It’s energetic to be sure and don’t mind me as I bop around. Canción De Entretiempo is out now digitally via Elefant Records.


Lorelei – Night

Sydney’s Lorelei provide a large serving of fuzzed up shoegaze on their new single Night. It’s much heavier than previous efforts and builds upon last Novembers Decay single. Play loud!


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