English Summer – Dénouement: The Art of English Summer

The Brest based label Too Good To Be True are releasing a compilation of tracks, titled Dénouement: The Art of English Summer, covering English Summer’s output from their beginnings in 2020 to earlier this year before they changed their name to Arts & Letters.

If you have not picked up any of the band’s work this handy collection should see you right especially as some tracks may no longer be available. The label writes that the band produced “a joyous jangly pop sound inspired by 80s guitar-laden indie pop with nods to the beginnings of Creation, C86, Sarah Records and Factory”. It’s not that hard to agree with that!

I have written about /mentioned most, if not all, of the bands releases previously.

Snippets of these include:

New track A New Colour For You still has that winning blend of post-punk and indiepop. The guitars are sharp with the vocals reminding me of early The Wake.

It’s no secret that The Bodines are a huge influence on Celeb Carr aka English Summer. On his latest single You, which Carr writes “It’s simple, isn’t it? You is a love song” those influences are taken in order to deliver some borrowed but something new too.

Note that You was renamed as Kris.

More reviews can be found here.

Dénouement: The Art of English Summer will be released on June 28 2022. It can be pre-ordered from here in CD and digital formats, not to mention that wonderful Factory Records inspired artwork too.


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