A Bunch of Five

Another tasty knuckle sandwich for you to get stuck into!

Arts & Letters – It’s People Like You That Make Me Want to Go to Prison

They may have changed their name from English Summer but the love for the sound of early 1980s Creation Records and, in particular, The Bodines is still there on the latest single from Caleb Carr’s renamed Arts & Letters. The guitars jangle whilst the vocals are raucous in tone whilst they spin a tale of escape. In other words, most good!


The Blue Herons – From Here

Soaring and jangling indiepop is the order of the day on the new single from Andy Jossi and Gretchen DeVault. Up in the clouds we go and there is no danger of looking down.


熱鍵被殺手 – Spring Wish

The Bejing based label Maybe Mars has been releasing some fine singles over the past few weeks. Here we have another from a band whose name translates as, and if google is to be believed, Hotkeys Are Killed. Spring Wish is a fuzzy indiepop/rock track that gets it’s inspiration from early post-punk and more besides. An album is due to follow at some point.

SGO – Bookcase

Bookcase is sometimes melancholic, sometimes ethereal dreampop from Brisbane’s SGO. It opens in a gilded, gentle manner and slowly the guitars build, before blazing away in all the right places. The band, who have been going since 215, are new to me and there is enough here to warrant a listen or two to their back catalogue.


Los Lucha – Spinning

Spinning is taken from the Glasgow based band’s recent Tape 2 EP. They write that the five songs found on the EP “continue our love for Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, and the C86 scene.” I cannot really top that description so let’s leave it there suffice to say you will be wondering where you have heard Spinning before!


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