Records I Like Mix March 2022

The mix for March features tracks taken from jangle pop, indiepop, noise pop, dreampop and shoegaze released over the past month or so. As ever, enjoy!

Track listing:

Coming Up Roses – Slingshots
Star Party – Veil of Gauze
Fers – Waves
Le Pain – Is That How You Want Me to Feel?
Basement Revolver – Blackhole
Fun With Ether – Crown Shyness
re:lapse – Timeless Melody
Roller Derby – Starry-Eyed
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Uncloudy Mind
Crystal Eyes – Don’t Turn Around
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – She Spins
Castlebeat – Racing
The Hannah Barberas – Try Hard
Bedchamber – Tired Eyes
Boy With Apple – Linger On
Salt Lake Alley – I Can Wait Forever
Blushing – Lost Cat
Lightning in A Twilight Hour – The Circling Of The Seasons
Sugar For The Pill – Quicksand
Peaness – Worry
Art Dave – My Light Is Faded (And Leave Me In The Dark)
Swimming Pools And Movie Stars – I Dig You
Secret Attraction – Trust/Forget
Spotlight Kid – ARC

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