Post-Op Sampler #2

Another sampler, picking up from yesterday. As ever, enjoy!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

The “Indie” Side

Bathe Alone – Decades & Dreams

Bailey Crone writes that Decades & Dreams is about that “kidnapped my best friend and drove her 7 hours away to her first Beach House concert”. It’s as inspired, as is the video, by Crone’s great-grandmothers on a boating trip together with photos showing them looking thoroughly miserable during the experience. The track itself is laidback which causes the listener to drift off somewhat. On a boat of course!

Jilted Jonas – Don’t Fight It Jonas (It’s Bigger Than You)

There are three versions of the track on the single and it’s the “original” one that stands out for me. Twee indiepop from Berlin, with plenty of Swedish influences.

Castlebeat – Racing

Racing is an infectious track thanks to the California based Castlebeat. Some lovely sounds for your listening pleasure throughout this one.

The Here Todays – April

Taken from the Pleasantries EP April is a mix of shoegaze, alt-rock and dreampop courtesy of this Finnish based band.

Sea Lemon – Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller, which is the second single from the Seattle based Sea Lemon, is dreamy pop resulting in a very pleasant listen. The second single from Spirit Goth on this playlist – Castlebeat was the other.

re:lapse – Timeless Melody

A beautiful ethereal shoegazing track from the Tokyo based band. The band write that it’s an updated version of JAMC’s Just Like Honey. Did I mention it’s beautiful?

The Post-Punk Side

Forever Grey – Cold Hand

Cold, which is the new single, is the first we have heard in two years from the Los Angeles based darkwave act Forever Grey. Bass driven with the joint male/female vocals combining to great effect. A great return!

Vanseveren – The Secret

The Secret is the debut single from the French post-punk/coldwave act Vanseveren. Reminds me of a gallic version of Suffering For Kisses. Some nice Joy Division guitar riffs in there too.

Figure Section – Barbarossa

Barbarossa is taken from the forthcoming debut album Mirages from the Brussels based post-punk act Figure Section.

Scary Black – Tragedy

Tragedy, which is a track from a forthcoming and as of yet untitled album, is dark and gloomy post-punk with hauntingly depressing words.

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