Post-Punk Sunday

The new single from Cold Cave is a cover of Absolute Body Control‘s Waving Hands. It stays faithful to the original although sounding darker and denser. Get it from here whilst the original version is available here. Warsaw Pact have released an album of demos called, erm Demos (2016-2109). The release includes two previously unheard demos in the shape of Made by Design & Discshop Inquisition. Maybe it’s one for the fans who are familiar with the originals but given it’s available on a pay what you want basis it’s also a good introduction to the band. Midnight Cure always … Continue reading Post-Punk Sunday

Forever Grey – Lost in a Moment

I was preparing to post something dark & gloomy seeing as it’s January and most of us have all returned to work after the festive season. However, the weather is very sunny and glorious in London today and even goth coldwave act Forever Grey have let me down as Lost In A Moment is pretty upbeat – well for them anyway! As ever get it from Bandcamp. Facebook Continue reading Forever Grey – Lost in a Moment

Forever Grey – The Red Hall

Another track from the prolific Forever Grey. Luckily it’s not a case of quantity over quality. The Red Hall again echoes to the sound of the past (is that Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s Chris Reed on vocals?) but the addition of joint vocals once again shows a band expanding beyond their influences. And here is a live recording of Sourland taken from their September Ice EP. Facebook Continue reading Forever Grey – The Red Hall

Forever Grey – Telling The Daffodils

Michigan’s Forever Grey manage to invoke both the imagery and sounds associated with the European post punk scene so much so that the band would not have not looked out of place in Brussels in 1979/1980. On their previous releases Forever Grey reminded me of Joy Division and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Here they manage to sound like everyone but no one else at the same time! I especially like the male/female vocals up against the sombre music and I could listen to this type of music everyday. All their releases are available on a pay what you want basis. … Continue reading Forever Grey – Telling The Daffodils