Lizzy – Deux Soleils EP

I was scrolling through Lizzy’s Facebook page whilst listening to her new Deux Soleils EP and noted that she wrote that “My EP is out! I hope it will add a bit of light and warmth to your winter!”  And would you know that’s exactly how I felt when listening because the music contained within is in stark contrast the gloomy weather outside.  I have no idea what the Montreal based Lizzy is singing about as she sings in her native French but it all sounds upbeat and positive.

I previously wrote that opening track East Angus 1998  was an epic sounding mix of dream and janglepop and it’s a perfect opening track setting the scene.

It’s the title track that impresses me most with guitars and swirling synths providing a shining and sparkling moment. Or two! It’s fun as pop music should be.

Ça Va Mieux pays homage to the French pop sound of yesteryear whilst Dans Le Vent gets even poppier especially when the trumpet blows in with unabashed abandon. The final track is a pleasant stripped down version of the title track and is certainly one to chill out too. The Deux Soleils EP put a smile on my face. Give it a listen and grin away!


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