Recommended Releases 31/01/2022

Continuing the series of posting albums and/or EPs as and when they are released (or usually a bit after!) as a follow up to the initial new tracks/singles posts posted on this blog. Sample the release via the You Tube track then dive in to the full release.

Hollow Graves – Mid-Century Modern

Canadians Hollow Graves write that they are “inspired by the second British invasion and hailing from a punk background” which gets my ears (and eyes) interested. Mid-Century Modern is their debut album and features the singles Swimming, Far Out Summer, Tequila Sunrise and Marriott. It’s dreamy and hazy with some rather good melodies and guitar hooks. Mid-Century Modern is available digitally from the band.


Lavender Blush – You Are My Moonlight

You Are My Moonlight is the second album from the San Francisco based noise pop band Lavender Blush. Because of the difficulties presented by lockdown Ryan Lescure is the sole songwriter and instrumentalist on the album although his band mates later supplied vocals to the recordings. Across the eight tracks we get a mix of the ethereal, dreampop and inspirations from 4AD circa mid 1980’s. And some noise of course and a pleasant racket is certainly made. Album opener Seacliff, with it’s Heaven or Las Vegas inspired guitars, and the distinct Morning are my pick of the bunch. Whilst the latter track will stay in the memory throughout the year the whole shebang may not but, right now, it provides a fix one needs.

You Are My Moonlight is out now on vinyl via Blue Aurora Audio and cassette via Shelflife Records. Both are available via the band’s Bandcamp page.


KRAFTman – Electrique Fabrique (Razgrom Music Edition)

If you think that judging by the artist name and album title that this will be a homage to Kraftwerk you are sadly mistaken. Actually I lied and that’s exactly what it is so if you are fans of recent Kraftwerk revivalists such as Metroland and 808 Pop as well as “the robots” themselves this one will be a treat. It’s an expanded edition following on from last years original release featuring additional mixes and exclusive tracks. The single Florian, a tribute to Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider who died last year, may be familiar those who purchased Machine Pop 6. Tracks like Giro D’Italia and A Face I Knew impress but I wish they were a bit longer.

Electrique Fabrique (Razgrom Music Edition) is available on CD and digital formats from here.

PS: Check out the cover of the Man Machine album where my wish for some longer versions come true.


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