The Proctors – Silhouettes

The Proctors will be releasing a new 7″ single via the Berlin based label Dreams Never End Records on September 25th 2021. However when I say new Silhouettes and it’s flip side You And Me And The Sea date back a few years but now get a physical release both songs thoroughly deserve.

Silhouettes is glorious. I previously wrote that “simply put this is an epic, beautiful melodic song with the haunting female backing vocals sending a tingle down the spine.” I stand by those words!

You might remember You And Me And The Sea from last years’ Shiny Happy Fanzine 04 – Please Rain Fall Compilation. If not, the track is jangling indiepop at it’s finest from one of the most underrated indiepop bands of the past three decades. And if you wonder why you should bother with these songs? Well aside from how good they are just clock that glorious pink vinyl. Yum!

Silhouettes is out now on 7″ vinyl and digital formats via the label. Those in the UK may want to pick it up direct from the band.


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