Pinch Punch, First Of The Month

So August was a strange month for me for various reasons but normal service will now be resumed – touch wood. Let’s catch up with some tracks that were released over the last few weeks.

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Gemini

Gemini is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album IV

Sunnbrella – Pauline

The London based band write that Pauline is “a homage to Eric Rhomer’s 1983 coming-of-age film Pauline At The Beach. It’s about the disillusionment that often comes with growing up and seeing through the adult’s charades”

Seasurfer– Drifting (Stereoskop Remix)

Seasurfer will be releasing an alternative mix of the track Drifting which was found on last year’s Zombies album. It’s backed with a number of remixes including this one by Spanish dreampoppers Stereoskop.

The Ashenden Papers – Summers Coming On

Taken from the new single Summer and it features Rose Melberg on backing vocals. Very jangly!

Starrgazy – Octopus

Any band that references Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins as sources deserves a listen and as you would expect the band have a very dreamy sound coupled with a strong vocal performance from Lucie Hill.

Bleach Lab – Talk It Out

Another epic indie/dream pop single from these Londoners. The voice of Jenna Kyle is stunning on this one and the band must be going places if they are being mixed and produced by Stephen Street.

Stomp Talk Modstone – She Was In The Depth Of Misery And Take New Way

A shoegaze song that is almost as epic as it’s title! It’s an interesting song to say the least and the female vocals towards the end are a joy. Lovely piano to finish on too.

Poster Paints – Never Saw It Coming

Whilst not as immediately accessible as their debut single Number 1, Never Saw It Coming soon grows on you. The voice of Carla J Easton is very Harriet Wheeler like on this one. Actually the song sounds like The Sundays full stop. That seems to be a trend these days – see er hear Bleach Lab above.

Foliage – Another Day (feat. Tiwu)

Jangling bedroom pop from Manuel Joseph Walker who is joined on this latest collaboration by Tiwu.

Lightning Bug – A Color of the Sky (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Remix)

A beautiful reworking of the title track of the band’s last album released back in June. This mix really enhances the natural elements found in the original.

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