Ash Code – Fear

I must admit I have been waiting for this one from the Italian post-punk band Ash Code since it was announced given the line up of remixers. Fear in its raw form is a pulsating track combining all the elements you would want from a darkwave electronica track. Synths and gothic-tinged vocals are all the rage and the vocals and parts of the song remind me of the Dead Can Dance A Passage In Time.

Before we get to the remixes there are two more new songs. Whilst Indifference is dark and moody it also contains elements of beauty whilst I can hear parts of New Order’s In A Lonely Place, a song which seems to be a template for many a post-punk tune, in Cross The Waters.

As for the remixes I was expecting more from the Clan Of Xymox remix. It just seemed a bit weak to these ears and sounds like it’s just going through the motions. Moving on Molchat Doma turn the song into one for the dance floor despite not losing the gothic touches. Is it me or is there some Klein and MBO influences in there? Finally Forever Grey apply the bass a little deeper on their take. An excellent EP with the earlier caveat applied!

Fear is out now in a range of Formats from Swiss Dark Knights.


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