SPC ECO – The Hollows – Not A Thing

I must admit I haven’t given Dean Garcia’s SPC ECO much of a listen if any time at all. Whilst I have enjoyed remixes courtesy of the ex Curve member I have not delved into Space Echo’s (that’s how you pronounce it!) extensive back catalogue. Well, that may change after hearing The Hollows which is a stunning treat for my ageing ears.

I am not got going to lie to you and say that it doesn’t remind me of Massive Attacks Teardrop in places but there it is. Rose Berlin, who is Garcia’s daughter and an artist in her own right, words are as lovely and her voice is even lovelier. And yes it does remind me of Elizabeth’s Frasers hence the comparison to the aforementioned song. The laid back fusion of trip-hop (is that still a thing?) and ethereal dream-pop carries on with the flip side Not A Thing. Both songs are blissful and beautiful. Now, where do I start listening?


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