Silent Run – Side B [EP]

It was just over a year ago now when Russian band Silent Run released their Side A [EP]. Fast forward a year and the flip side gets a release! Side B features another five tracks recorded live at the same session (Nizhniy Novgorod, July 2019) as the first.

Most of the songs here err on the nosier side of dreampop and, whilst I am a fan of all things it ethereal, it starts to get a bit sickly sweet especially where the vocals are concerned on Into The Light. At times they find themselves bogged down in places especially on the self indulged Drowned and their cover of Land of Talk’s Some Are Lakes.

However when Silent Run do it well they certainly manage it with aplomb. Opener Drone B is a haunting ambient piece whilst the motoring Too Many Times is worth the price of the entrance fee alone.

Despite Side B not being as strong as it’s a-side counterpart there is more than enough to demonstrate that they are capable of making some fine tracks. Given that these songs have been around for a while now it will be interesting to hear what they produce next.

Side B is available digitally from the band on a pay what you want basis.

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