A Tuesday indiepop Saunter

It was only yesterday when covering Leach Me Lemonade that I wrote that I hoped that Shiny Happy Records dig deep into their archives and make releases that were not previously available digitally on Bandcamp available. And overnight two more have appeared.

The first is a split release between French band Skittle Alley and Indonesian outfit Annemarie. I remember this being released way back on Dufflecoat Records so not sure that is strictly from their archives but what the heck, it’s good to hear these two bands again. I was always a sucker for Annemarie’s twee pop sound. As for Skittle Alley they have just released a new compilation entitled DK79 Memories. Dufflecoat Years & Outtakes which is available from here.

The second released is by The Lousy Pop Group with a release titled The Guy Who Runs The Government Has Small Eyes. Originally released as a 3″ Cdr in 2016 the two songs here are jangling and sometimes moody indiepop. Check them out here.

Will You Catch Me? which is the debut EP from the Filipino band Cinéma Lumière has just been released. It features the two previous singles Dreamcatcher and Love as well as two other tracks that were previewed during their Quarantine session. A great EP from the self proclaimed indie pop alchemists. You can get it from here.

Bangkok based Traveling With Monika have their first song out in almost half a decade. Titled Faded it is a delightful bit of female fronted fuzzy and noisy female indiepop which always sits well with my ears. Faded is available digitally from here. And if you like your facts the band members are also founding members of notable Thai band The Passion of Anna.

Seeing as we were discussing older releases earlier I may as well mention The Radio Dept. re-releasing The New Improved Hypocrisy as a digital single. Originally released back in 2010 it’s one of the bands most powerful political songs. It’s still valid and great a decade on. It’s a free download from here.

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