Leach Me Lemonade – Rainy Days (Loneliness) EP

Indonesian label Shiny Happy Records have re-released Leach Me Lemonade’s Rainy Days (Loneliness) EP. Originally released on cassette in 2015 by the same label it features four tracks. I was aware of the band previously thanks to compilations and split releases but this is the first full release of theirs I have discovered.

Like most bands from Indonesia, Leach Me Lemonade are/were heavily influenced by UK twee-pop none more so than bands found on early Sarah Records releases. The beautiful Is It True could be a long lost Sea Urchins classic whilst The Last Day of July echoes to The Field Mice. The other two tracks ain’t bad either. Blue Shading Light brings together all the right indiepop elements although in truth it’s a bit too long whilst Single Light jangles it’s ways into the listener’s affections. I am not sure if the Bandung based Leach Me Lemonade are still in existence but if not these four songs are fitting testaments to their existence.

I hope the label produces more digital versions of their old cassette releases that have never been released previously via Bandcamp – I am sure they have a wealthy archive! In the meantime, you can pick up the Rainy Days (Loneliness) EP on a pay what you want basis from the label.

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