I Have Had Worst Starts To A Week……

Kindsight – Terminal Daze

Danish band Kindsight are the first band from outside of Sweden to sign for that Rama Lama Records label. Given that the retro indiepop sound on new single Terminal Daze echoes to Labrador Records and early Cardigans that should come as no surprise. All they need now is a post-covid dancefloor and they will be well away with this danceable track.


fine. – Little Voices

Little Voices is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album from the duo that consists of Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon) and Alice Kat. Indiepop that sees hopes and fears collide.

Soft Blue Shimmer – Cherry​-​Cola Abyss

Cherry​-​Cola Abyss is taken from the forthcoming album Heaven Inches Away that is due for release on 27th November 2020. It opens with a sound reminiscent of early New Order, especially the bass, before morphing into a noisy dreampop track. The album can be pre-ordered from here.


English Summer – Settle Here With Me

Settle Here With Me is another sterling effort from Caleb Carr. Musically it’s a combination of early 1980s indiepop and post-punk whilst the words tell a tale of a relationship that is coming to its end.


Космос на потолке – Вдалеке

The new single from Moscow’s Космос на потолке (Space on the ceiling) is a bouncy affair but the words, sung in the band’s native tongue, may suggest otherwise and I do not trust Google Translate to give me an honest answer. Dream pop with psychedelic tendencies.

Become The Sky – Teimlo Fel Chwyldro

Liverpool based Become The Sky’s new single is sung in Welsh and is translated by the band as Feels Like a Revolution. It is about both sides of the argument about the nations that make up Great Britain going their separate ways which, thanks to Brexit and the actions of our current English nationalist led government, I feel is sadly a reality and not fantasy. This folkish/dreampop song is an ideal soundtrack whilst I check through my family tree for Irish or Scottish ancestry!


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